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Kinect Extensions
UI Framework and helpers for Kinect SDK

With KinectExtensions you can easily add Kinect support to your application.
This project gives you several controls and triggers in order to integrate NUI gestures.
Current available triggers are directly inspired by what we can find on zune and the kinect hub for Xbox.
  • KinectInteractionLayer
This control is the visual control showing which kind of interaction you are using : Mouse / Kinect / Voice
It shows the kinect cursors, the "hello" control to start kinect interaction and the voice bar.
  • KinectDelayActionTrigger
This trigger is the most used. It shows a progress bar around the cursor and launchs the underlying action when the timeout is completed
Is also have a property allowing "magnetic" capture of the cursor.
  • KinectSlidingTrigger
This trigger give a "slide to select" behavior.
  • VoiceTrigger
This trigger allows you to bind an action to a specific 'keyword or phrase'.

The global structure of KinectExtensions is based on MEF. You should easily extend or use part of this project.
The main services are
  • HandTrackingSevice for hand detection
  • KinectService for base KinectRuntime access
  • VoiceService for speech interaction
  • IHitTestService for cursor interaction with visual elements
  • GestureService for hand direction tracking

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